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Are you looking for an opportunity to make thousands of dollars? (IPTV resellers do) lf the answer is yes, then becoming an IPTV Reseller at IPTVProStar provides you with that opportunity.

Be ready

Understand this field and how to get the customers and make money reselling IPTV

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Find the Best IPTV

The most important step is to get the best IPTV with the quality that will satisfy you in the first degree

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Make money

Get your IPTV panel and start selling subscriptions and earning money.

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iptv reseller


Become an IPTV reseller and start earning easy money

We provide you with the best IPTV panel, with Falcon TV server and the quality that will keep your customers coming back to you.

You are lucky that you have reached this page, you have passed the most difficult stage and is finding a profitable niche. Congratulations to you, whether you join us or not. But we guarantee that you will produce big money by reselling IPTV.

Beginner Reseller Panel Plans

For those who want to start a new IPTV selling business, we have got your back. We have introduced our beginners IPTV reseller plans where you can purchase credits in a small amount to start your business with low investment.

1 Year = 10 Credits


100 Credits



500 Credits



1000 Credits


Offers For Super IPTV Resellers

Do you have a big company and a huge amount of customers? Well, we have the best offers for you where you can save more money than usual. These plans are best suitable for the big resellers and the best part is we offer unlimited trials with a super resellers.

1 Year = 12 Credits


120 Credits



600 Credits



1200 Credits


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IPTV Reseller Question

iptv reseller

We provide the panel for free for a lifetime, the panel and the credits it will never expire.

Our IPTV service works on all kinds of devices, TVs and all applications.

You can renew any subscription with one click, in “Manage Lines” or “Manage Mag”, click the settings icon on the right and click “Extend”.

You have two options, you can deactivate the subscription (and you can always activate it whenever you can), or you can delete it forever by clicking the setting icon and choosing “Refund”.

You have the option to switch an M3u line to a subscription of MAG devices, or the opposite or a riddle as well, by clicking on the setting at the front of the subscription and then choose “Transfer”.

If a channel starts buffering, you can report it from the panel dashboard. If all channels are not working or buffering, you need to make sure the problem is not on your client’s side first, maybe they are using a VPN and you need to find out, or maybe it doesn’t have the minimum internet speed…

This option is only possible when you get 50 or more credits, and you can create a panel for your sub-resellers by clicking “Create sub-reseller”, you put their information, and save and from “Manage the sub-reseller”, you can add the credits to him.

Total 2k Server in 198 Countries.

These speed excellent. It’s a fast connection safety Internet leading speeds across its network.

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